Universal Insurance Plc. Goods in Transit policy (GIT) covers the risk of loss or damage inherent in the movement of your goods while loading or unloading from the point of departure until delivery at destination. The cover granted is practically “all risks” including fire, lighting, burglary and other insured perils except perils stated in the policy as excluded.

Therefore, if you’re in charge of providing a service centered on goods in transit, it’s highly important to protect yourself from these unavoidable incidents. Failure to do so could prove costly in covering any claims made against your business as well as time spent dealing with these episodes. However, delicate or fragile goods such as glass and explosives are not covered (unless declared at the start of the policy).

There are two types of cover available namely:

  • All Risks

    This cover as it includes all the risks above listed. Cover commences immediately the goods are being loaded on to the transit vehicle and lasts until the goods are unloaded at the final destination. The conveyance can be either by road or by rail or by air or by water, and the geographical limit is anywhere in Nigeria.

  • Restricted Cover

    Cover here is restricted in the sense that it only covers losses following an accident, collision or over-turning of the conveying vehicle. Cover similarly operates anywhere in Nigeria.

Who can purchases this cover?

Every individual and Corporate with properties and investments.

To enable us make a competitive quote, we would need to know your Estimated Annual Carriage and Limit Anyone Carriage.

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